| 6 April
HYBRID EVENTSHybrid events have been around for some time. This type of event came into sharp focus in 2020, as
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Zoom out of Lockdown
| 10 March
Zoom out of LockdownThe government published a four-step roadmap to ease restrictions across England. This provides us with a route
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Bring the Boardroom Home
It’s not all Zoom and Gloom
| 5 February
It's not all Zoom and GloomWe’ve noticed a trend towards Zoom since last year. It’s the platform of choice for
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Studio Hire - Control Room - Perception Live
3 steps to perfecting your video call
| 25 January
3 steps to perfecting your video callDuring 2020, like many AV companies, we had a marked increase in enquiries for
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| 16 September
It was a warm Sunday morning...It was around 4:30 am on the empty streets of Cape Town. I had just
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