Treasure Truck by Amazon: An end of an era

We value, respect and appreciate all our clients and their projects. Each client brings us something different and exciting to work on. For us, none was as unique as our partnership with the world’s most recognisable brand: Amazon. After 5 years, we bid farewell to our friends at the Treasure Truck, who parked their vans and moved on to different challenges.

The Treasure Truck was Amazon’s version of a neighbourhood ice cream truck. They would feature a hand-picked item to tell you about, and then you could pick it up from a range of locations. Each location was a fun environment that was engaging and eventful. It was in essence a click-and-collect event.

There was no limit to what you would find. DIY Christmas briefs, A-Frame games, mini golf games, infinity mirrors, and security items. Almost anything except a speaker…
As per Amazon’s purpose – to be Earth’s most customer-centric company – they engaged us to deliver a wide and varied range of projects. These projects complemented the Treasure Truck proposition. Since 2017 we have designed, innovated, created, built and delivered these projects. We also stored a large range of their event collaterals.


Amazon Smart Home week: 3 locations

An experiential showcase of the latest smart home products at various locations
Each location had a temporary structure built to create a ‘home’ environment. The structures were re-purposed, interior designed and renovated garden sheds.
Also, each location required a stand-alone robust wifi network to operate all the products.
This included:
12 smart home productions, Blink XT, Neato, Hive, Ring, Phillips Hue, all Echo products, Kindle, Firestick and smartphones.
That was a whole lot of data needed.
And finally, power supplied was via generators at each site.

Amazon Beauty Week: 2 locations

An experiential environment to showcase a wide range of beauty products and services. A place to relax and experience.
London Kings Cross and The Bull Ring Birmingham had containers kitted out to be a salon/beauty environment for the public to enjoy.
We took care of the design, build and logistics for a variety of large games. These needed to travel and be fun to engage within and around the Treasure Truck at each location.
Games included Put A Ring on It, Higher or Lower and Coco-Loco,
There were also 20 vending kiosks, built with a fire rated ‘0’ vending solution. These needed to be portable, weighing less than 15kg, and assembled by a team of two people inside mainline train stations.
We also needed to include a cinema-type letting system in front of the kiosk
This project was the most difficult. Achieving a fire rating of “0” on a per unit budget and needing to be aesthetically captivating wasn’t easy. After client consultation, we opted for aluminium parts assembled onsite and fire-rated branding.

The bespoke and varied Treasure Truck projects achieved Amazon’s desired requirements and outcomes:
Project Management
Design: 3D scaled models of structures that assisted with modelling and product placement.
Build: Planning/team briefing paved the way for step-by-step onsite build and finish.
Logistics: Planning for all components and team movement on time and on budget.
Staffing: Project managers, technical experts, build team, security and local crew.
Storage: Storing all collaterals for our client.

Treasure Truck is coming to an end, and working with them has been a great experience. They are fair and engaging and ensure they work only with the best suppliers. Although this division is closing, we look forward to meeting new teams to build new long-term partnerships.

Goodbye for now, Amazon.