It's not all Zoom and Gloom

We’ve noticed a trend towards Zoom since last year. It’s the platform of choice for many of our clients due to its reliability and ease of use. Uses of the platform vary, from family quizzes to 1000 person corporate seminars.

For this reason, our clients prefer to use it for their people to call into virtual events to present on the panel. Yet, there are sometimes occasions when Zoom isn’t workable. For example, it’s inaccessible from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Ukraine. Panellists may also have company laptops. These sometimes have restrictions, limiting them to a different platform other than Zoom.


A common issue arises when the other panellists are using Zoom as their platform and you don’t. It is often against regulations to find reliable workarounds on locked-down company laptops. Even if this isn’t the case, it is still very difficult for people to join a call in restriction regions.

We have a solution for this.


Perception’s video server package comes with a virtual event. It’s possible to have a panel of 6 people on Zoom, joined by a 7th on Teams and an 8th on Skype.

Teams and Skype panellists need to do nothing different. Joining the call will let them see the familiar grid view, and they will hear everyone as usual.

This panel can then stream out to a platform of your choice, whether it be a Zoom Seminar or otherwise. We then add branding, lower thirds, video playback and any other required services.

No more stress

If you have a high profile meeting, requiring many platforms, we can bring them all together in one meeting.

For more information on virtual events or for any questions about putting on your own, visit our packages page or contact the team on 0203 869 4500