Hybrid events have been around for some time. This type of event came into sharp focus in 2020, as clients asked us to create online experiences. The focus now is on blending the virtual with the physical events in a world where COVID is still a global issue. Hybrid events are a balancing act, and you need to ensure that it is one event with two unique experiences.

Creating genuine interactions involve live streaming, 1:1 meetings and live audience engagement. A hybrid event is an ideal way to combine a physical event with the reach of an online platform. This means you can reach more delegates without them actually being in the room.

As with any event, there is a process we follow to help clients understand what we need as part of a successful brief. Here is our quick checklist for building the perfect hybrid event brief:


  • Tell us the date, time and how long you expect the event to be.
  • Remember to specify the time zone.
  • Have a basic agenda ready.


  • Choose your venue.
  • Confirm the largest number of delegates you will have attending in person.
  • Check if the venue has in-house AV equipment.
  • Check the venue’s internet speed.
  • Confirm if you have live speakers and specify how many you will have.
  • Confirm if you intend to run a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation
  • If you are doing Q&A with the audience, let us know.
  • Do your speakers need to be able to speak to virtual hosts?
  • Make sure we are aware if you have any panels.
  • Decide how many camera angles you want.
  • Include any videos that need playing.


Before considering any virtual or hybrid event, our clients need a platform to host the event. This should work alongside the live event. There are various factors that determine which is the best platform for your event. These are the questions to ask when putting together the brief.

  • What are you looking to achieve from the platform?
  • Do you need add-ons? Consider Q&A functionality, Chat functionality, Polling, Breakout rooms and advertising.
  • How many virtual delegates are you expecting?
  • Will your virtual audience need to be able to interact with on-stage speakers?
  • How many of your speakers will be virtual vs how many will be at the venue?
  • How many speakers on each panel and what platforms will they use to join the event?


Perception Live has years of experience producing live, virtual and hybrid events. We ensure that clients have the best facilities. Our team produces their event to the highest standard. Adding hybrid events to your strategy is key for this next period of uncertainty. Live events will be back and we cannot wait, but until then and for the foreseeable future, think hybrid.