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POLY C60 Conference Phone System

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POLY C60 Conference Phone SystemAt Perception Integrate we constantly seek newly released technology from trusted vendors and stay au fait with any and all products that can be supplied as

Working from Home

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Working from HomeIn the past year, over 46% of people have been working from home with 86% of them doing so due to coronavirus. By now, many of us have

Bring the boardroom home

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It's unprecedented times. We are all looking for ways to enhance productivity in our new working environments. A big part of this is the video conference call. At Perception Integrate,

Tailored support for efficient AV Support Services

A lot of what Perception does is very project-based. Our events team are second to none when it comes to ensuring that the build-up and day of an event go

Do We Need HDMI Over IP?

Bandwidth requirements of HDMI are ever increasing. This is due to an increase in video bandwidth, with the demands of some 4K UHD content. Also, to consider are HDR enabled

Creating Europe’s first 9 metre curved video wall

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The Perception Integration team are close to completing a very complex and bespoke project for ABB Global. We have created Europe’s 1st curved 9×1 metre video wall, which is fully

Exciting innovation in 2018

Integrated Systems Europe will be in Amsterdam in February next year and we are already looking into hotels, flights and getting the itinerary organised. I for one want to see

When ‘off-the-shelf’ is the best solution.

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This was a lesson in checking our pride at the door. The team at Perception Integrate are masters at sourcing efficient solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We

Production video switcher with live streaming and recording.

Coming across “ all in one box “ solutions is great. Over the past couple of years there has been a surge in webcasting packages to suit the less tech

Why are VC codec sales decreasing?

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We all know a video conference suite can set you back an extortionate amount of pounds! We also know that VC codec sales decreasing. What is the reason for this? Well, allow