Do We Need HDMI Over IP?
| 26 August
Bandwidth requirements of HDMI are ever increasing. This is due to an increase in video bandwidth, with the demands of
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Revolab YVC 1000
| 22 January

We always search out new efficient solutions to meet our Clients budget and expectations. It’s often we are tasked with

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Creating Europe’s first 9 metre curved video wall
| 10 November

The Perception Integration team are close to completing a very complex and bespoke project for ABB Global. We have created

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When ‘off-the-shelf’ is the best solution.
| 3 November
This was a lesson in checking our pride at the door. The team at Perception Integrate are masters at sourcing
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Production video switcher with live streaming and recording.
| 25 September

Coming across “ all in one box “ solutions is great. Over the past couple of years there has been

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Why are VC codec sales decreasing?
| 24 September

We all know a video conference suite can set you back an extortionate amount of pounds! We also know that

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Creating an high end audio integration solution without breaking the bank
| 21 September

Having traditionally aligned ourselves with the more well-known manufacturers for video and audio distribution, control processing and so on, it

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What Is Audio Visual Integration?
| 26 March
What Is Audio Visual Integration?AV integration or AV integrators exist within corporate, education and the domestic markets. The demand for specialist
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What is video conferencing?
| 9 December
What is video conferencing?Video Conferencing is the medium to allow meetings to take place via video and audio being relayed
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