Returning to the office
| 8 September
Returning to the officeScaling your business up or down? Changing the landscape of where and how you communicate to your
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How to Reintegrate into the workplace?
| 25 August
Over the past 17 months, many of us have been forced to do something that we have never had to
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Touch Screen Suitability
| 21 April
Did you know there are several different types of Touch Screens? Understanding the difference will allow the best fit for
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POLY C60 Conference Phone System
| 13 April
POLY C60 Conference Phone SystemAt Perception Integrate we constantly seek newly released technology from trusted vendors and stay au fait
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Video Integration for Care Homes and how this is now fundamental.
| 19 March
Video Integration for Care Homes and how this is now fundamental.Video communications have been around for a long time now.
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Working from Home
| 7 March
Working from HomeIn the past year, over 46% of people have been working from home with 86% of them doing
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Bring the boardroom home
| 26 January
It's unprecedented times. We are all looking for ways to enhance productivity in our new working environments. A big part
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What is video conferencing?
| 9 December
What is video conferencing?Video Conferencing is the medium to allow meetings to take place via video and audio being relayed
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When ‘off-the-shelf’ is the best solution.
| 3 November
This was a lesson in checking our pride at the door. The team at Perception Integrate are masters at sourcing
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Tailored support for efficient AV Support Services
| 3 October
A lot of what Perception does is very project-based. Our events team are second to none when it comes to
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Production video switcher with live streaming and recording.
| 25 September

Coming across “ all in one box “ solutions is great. Over the past couple of years there has been

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Do We Need HDMI Over IP?
| 26 August
Bandwidth requirements of HDMI are ever increasing. This is due to an increase in video bandwidth, with the demands of
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