POLY C60 Conference Phone System

At Perception Integrate we constantly seek newly released technology from trusted vendors and stay au fait with any and all products that can be supplied as solutions to everchanging landscapes within all professional market sectors. Sometimes revisiting a product that has seemed not lost its “new car smell” is somehow entirely appropriate, in this case, it’s going to be the POLY C60 Conference phone system.

Yes, this is a conference phone… let’s not get too excited, shall we? What we have is actually an advanced network designed to connect to a range of video platforms via USB.

POLY/POLYCOM used to only bundle together with traditional POLY/POLYCOM video-conference codecs. This allowed for audio pick up and incoming audio from the VC or as a dedicated audio conference system via SIP. It’s best said from POLY themselves.

“It’s built for simplicity – for audio conferences or when paired with a POLY video room solution. Best of all, it’s super easy to use – launch and join meetings at the touch of a button. The Trio C60 plays well with everyone. It delivers a native experience on your favourite collaboration platforms. So simple, so powerful.”

We have specified and supplied the C60 Conference phone in many applications. From a network perspective, they connect to devices over the client network and not to a codec or PC. The user launches a platform, such as Teams, Zoom, or Skype, from the intuitive touch screen. With open SIP, the unit can connect to your in-house VOIP/SIP phone system. This allows add-on calls to existing POLY VC systems or PC licensed applications.

The onboard audio processing and enhanced audio quality outperform POLYCOM’s spider or star phone. It interfaces with Teams control, allowing a more cost-effective outcome for basic control. The products allow for up to 3 systems to be ‘daisy-chained’. This makes for a cost-effective, configurable deployment solution for Teams, Zoom, SFB, SIP, and VOIP phone conferencing.

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