Behind the scenes

AV Integrators: How Professionals are Revolutionising the Way We Experience Technology

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AV technology is everywhere we look, from the digital menu at our favourite take-out spot to the virtual tours of homes for sale. But it's not just in our daily

Returning to the office

Returning to the officeScaling your business up or down? Changing the landscape of where and how you communicate to your clientele? Businesses are refocusing communication needs and will need to

Tailored support for efficient AV Support Services

A lot of what Perception does is very project-based. Our events team is second to none when it comes to ensuring that the build-up and day of an event go

Integrate round up for March

Good morning everyone. Hopefully, you enjoyed your long weekend and Easter treats, and you are looking forward to April. Easing you into this month, we are taking a quick look