Bring the boardroom home

It’s unprecedented times. We are all looking for ways to enhance productivity in our new working environments. A big part of this is the video conference call.
At Perception Integrate, clients spoke to us over the past 10 months to get ideas and advice. The question we kept needing to answer was, “How can we make the caller experience better across various platforms?”. The obvious answer was to bring the boardroom home.

Creating a high-end boardroom call experience

Despite the ever-changing landscape, our design team got to work to find a solution. The team built a range of hardware solutions to enhance the caller experience and work with Teams, Skype for Business, Webex and Poly.

We created a way for clients to have a boardroom experience from any location using video soundbar systems. The soundbar allows far superior attributes to be accessible via a laptop.
Users found their productivity increased as the call experience was far superior. Much better than hunching over a laptop for 6-8 hours a day on video calls.

Always innovating

At Perception, we are always looking at new technology and solutions that are the best fit for any need. We analysed our client’s usage of video platforms and found that Zoom was by far the most utilised system.

We aim to provide agnostic hardware solutions to enable versatility and multi-platform usage. Our team found that if a client or business was Zoom centric, we would need to cater to this audience. We would need to find a way to enhance caller experience over and above the standard Zoom experience. Suffice to say that we found the standout offering for Zoom. We have formed a working partnership with DTen products.

The DTen range provides an all-in-one Zoom room out the box. It features wireless content share, whiteboard, 4K camera and microphone array with coverage over 15m. This product works for all market sectors that depend on Zoom communications and collaboration. In short, the DTen range provides an integrated and versatile solution.