Tailored support for efficient AV Support Services

A lot of what Perception does is very project-based. Our events team is second to none when it comes to ensuring that the build-up and day of an event go without a hitch. In conjunction with this, we also offer AV Support Services.

What about longer-term or more permanent projects?

Perception Integrate is the team that integrates audiovisual solutions for your business, meaning that the job isn’t always finished after the installation. In these circumstances, we offer our clients a dedicated and tailored service level agreement. This then offers them the support they need going forward. We ensure the prolonged life of the hardware. Additional requirements and expansion are mapped along the way. Each Client will need a different level of support according to their business.

Perception won 3 service level agreements recently, that span 36 months. The SLA’s focus on providing a remote support service to all crucial working parts in the AV setup.

How does it work?

This support starts with a dedicated email facility our client can use to report faults. The same facility is also available to report amendments and changes as well. Any request received goes to a team member with the targeted skills needed to deal with the query. Often queries are time-sensitive and we ensure we manage agreed time frames.

Our team jumps into action and remotely accesses the local AV switch on the client premises. Then, we make the requested changes once we have access to the specific processor.

Our agreements cover preventative maintenance visits to the site which happen every quarter. The team performs full continuity tests on all cable routes for video, audio, and control.

We test all VC and AC systems to a dedicated interface at Perception HQ. This verifies all outgoing and incoming audio and video.

Our team cleanses all the displays with anti-static spray and renews all audio-visual consumables. We keep an eye on the hardware warranties for the duration of cover. An upgrade/renewal path is set out for the client, which aims to keep the client up to date with current systems.

Perception Integrate service level agreements offer peace of mind to our clients and ensure they have excellent support with the best technical solutions.

If you would like to know more about AV Support Services, then head over to our contact page to get in touch.