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How to Reintegrate into the workplace?

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Over the past 17 months, many of us have been forced to do something that we have never had to do in our entire lives…work alone without team spirit or

Touch Screen Suitability

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Did you know there are several different types of Touch Screens? Understanding the difference will allow the best fit for your business or application.The five most common types of Touch

POLY C60 Conference Phone System

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POLY C60 Conference Phone SystemAt Perception Integrate we constantly seek newly released technology from trusted vendors and stay au fait with any and all products that can be supplied as

Video Integration for Care Homes and how this is now fundamental.

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Video Integration for Care Homes and how this is now fundamental.Video communications have been around for a long time now. Many long-distance relationships benefited from early platforms such as Skype.

Working from Home

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Working from HomeIn the past year, over 46% of people have been working from home with 86% of them doing so due to coronavirus. By now, many of us have

What is video conferencing?

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What is video conferencing?Video Conferencing is the medium to allow meetings to take place via video and audio being relayed from separate sites to allow for collaboration without having to

Creating Europe’s first 9 metre curved video wall

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On 10 November 2017, the Perception Integration team is close to completing a very complex and bespoke project for ABB Global. We have created Europe’s 1st curved 9×1 metre video

Why are VC codec sales decreasing?

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We all know a video conference suite can set you back an extortionate amount of pounds! We also know that VC codec sales are decreasing. What is the reason for

Creating an high end audio integration solution without breaking the bank

Having traditionally aligned ourselves with the more well-known manufacturers for video and audio distribution, control processing and so on, it has been refreshing to come across a brand such as

What Is Audio Visual Integration?

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What Is Audio Visual Integration?AV integration or AV integrators exist within corporate, education and the domestic markets. The demand for specialist solutions has grown exponentially over the last 20 years,