Creating an high end audio integration solution without breaking the bank

Having traditionally aligned ourselves with the more well-known manufacturers for video and audio distribution, control processing and so on, it has been refreshing to come across a brand such as Bluestream.

I came across Bluestream while looking into a solution that would uplift an already functioning boardroom and allow for audio integration into a newly installed control system. The client had been left with a hybrid system of domestic and commercial AV products by previous AV integrators, which made control integration a nightmare.

As with a lot of clientele, the budget was already exhausted by overspending on a boardroom solution that was effectively just botched together, plus they had been forced to further stretch the budget on technical support from multiple service providers to bandage the wound time and time again.

So my search had to veer away from the ‘usual’ manufacturers, although they were brilliant, and proven solutions, just too much for this client’s already battered budget.

I moved well and truly out of my comfort zone.

I could specify yet another AV receiver and gain control via IR, and just get it all working. But no, I had to sleep at night. Of course this wasn’t an option!

After chatting to other industry professionals, I noticed that the name Bluestream was mentioned a couple of times, so I went ahead and took a look at their product portfolio. I found a suitable commercial receiver with integrated amplifier and RS232 control port. Happy Days!

I made contact with Iain Dickerson who manages the sales for Bluestream in the UK. Like many sales managers, he was a very friendly and knowledgeable chap who was extremely passionate about the Bluestream story, and ethos with regards to support, product training, and the fact they expanded out of Australia 3 years ago and have made an impact on the UK and Europe market.  Eventually, we got to the price point and I was expecting to be disappointed, but happily the price was fantastic.

The product and end solution were superb and integration into control was seamless.

But of course, the best thing of all was that the client didn’t fall off his chair when he got my quote. They are now extremely satisfied with the results and the boardroom is now fully operational.