What Is Audio Visual Integration?

AV integration or AV integrators exist within corporate, education and the domestic markets. The demand for specialist solutions has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, and now an essential requirement in order to utilise state-of-the-art technology with the potential to rid of multiple controllers or remote controls.

The simplified definition is to combine hardware components via communication paths, thereby establishing a unified system that is accessed via user-friendly control interface. The most common requirement for AV integration is within a corporate boardroom environment, auditorium, training room, or high-end domestic application such as a home cinema.

As with most industries, there are key manufacturers such as Crestron, AMX and Extron for all control considerations, from processing to touch panel control interfaces. For video and audio distribution the major players are CYP, Kramer, Data Path, Extron and others.

Integrated video communications solutions are commonly required for use at high-level meetings that could involve international connections. The participants should be met with high-quality audio and high-definition video, on a user friendly interface.

You will want to consider an AV integrator who has a proven track record within this industry to ensure you receive the level of service required, as most advanced AV integration solutions are not off the shelf but bespoke-made, and to the clients’ specific requirement. You can expect bedding-in issues to start, and you will need a company that will support you with initial launch. They would be on hand in moving forward maintaining and supporting the agreed solution.


  • 13th May 2019, 2:09 pm  Reply

    Thanks for helping me learn more about audio visual integration. It’s good to know that AV integration is usually done in a corporate boardroom environment. I’m interested to learn if the system that is set up will depend on how the corporate boardroom is laid out.

    • Adam
      14th May 2019, 9:15 am

      Hi Taylor,

      Thank you for the interest in AV Integration. To answer your question, and this is a good question by the way !
      Yes, it absolutely does depend on layout, however, many other factors do come into consideration. The most important being the Client brief and understanding what infrastructure and hardware to enable the functionality required. Always ensure there is room for system expandability and versatility.

      Here are some questions and observations to allow you to create a suitable design and specification.

      With regards to layout – the size of the boardroom table, and the number of participants is the primary consideration as this will determine:
      The screen size, or does this space warrant dual screens ? does the Client view data being shared over Video conference ? if so specify dual screens of a suitable size according to the room size and number of Users.
      Room Aesthetic – Does the room have glass walls? Does the room have a vaulted or atrium style ceiling ? Are the walls marble or stone ? Is the floor carpeted or solid ? Is the room particularly bright? all these factors and more will have an impact on the technology specification for the room.
      The number of microphones required, as well consideration for wired vs. wireless, or table VS. ceiling – This will be determined by the use of the space i.e. will the Client remove the table for regular Town Hall or similar events ? Or is the floor solid and will not allow for microphones to be run as hard wired from the floor-box up onto the table itself ? ( wireless or ceiling microphones are then justified)
      Audio system suitable for voice reinforcement within the room, as well as a broadcast to Video and Audio conferencing etc. Using a mix of ceiling and surface mount speakers is most effective, this is determined by the amount of Users and the type of incoming and outgoing audio the Client expects.
      Control interface – this will usually be Client budget dependent, and will pertain to the level of control required.

      There is much to consider but I hope this has given you more of an insight into AV Integration – please let us know your thoughts
      Kind Regards Adam

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