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Account Manager:Tim Jones

Project Manager:Tim Jones

Venue:Location House, Victoria House

Special Thanks:Nick Jones

meters of cabling
phone launch
hours of pre production


In June, Perception Live were approached by Cheil, the marketing arm of Samsung, to supply bespoke production solutions of lighting, power, audio and projection for their upcoming prestigious Samsung Galaxy Note launch in Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square. Cheil’s designers required us to custom build multiple shop lights to illuminate the product tables.


After seeing their visual which it was to be based on, we came up with a solution using extruded aluminium frames, chemical etched and painted black sheen. These were joined by riveted corners, eliminating the need for any tricky aluminium welding. For the lights themselves, 5000k daylight colour LED battens were chosen to match the pure white usually used in high-end electronic store shopfronts. We spent three days building these in-house from over 60 metres of aluminium stock and the component parts to match the tight deadline.


Elsewhere in the space, Perception provided power distribution to all the product tables, laptops, plinths and virtual reality simulators. Samsung brought from Korea a lot of sensitive equipment including robot arms, VR rigs, motorised moving simulator chairs and a full size moving kayak! All of this was designed to work on Korea’s 220v; as the voltage in Victoria House was just over 250v at times, we supplied large three-phase variable transformers to drop the voltage down. These were adjusted through the day to compensate for the changing mains voltage.

In the upper spaces, Cheil requested static gobos projected onto walls behind pillars. As using a standard light would have meant the image be skewed due to the position, custom white plinths were built to blend in with the pillar and support an LCD projector on top. To cover the area where the custom shop lights weren’t used, a more conventional flown lighting rig consisting of Source 4 pro files and pars together with white LED moving heads was used to wash the printed walls and highlight logos. To ensure continuity across the different types of light, the colour temperature of each room was kept the same with colour correction gels so everything matched.


After the event, Samsung liked the bespoke build so much they wanted to use them for the next launch in Berlin, so our carpenters built sturdy shipping crates to get them there safely.

The overall event was a huge success story for Perception and created a future partnership that would see us tendering for more events to come.

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