Richemont Christmas Party

Project Details

Client: Richemont

Account Manager: Steven Johnson

Project Manager: Marc Van Nieuwenhuizen

Venue: Goldsmiths Hall

hours set up
Christmas celebration

On the 9th of March 2023, Perception organised and delivered a Christmas party which was previously postponed multiple times due to train strikes. The party was thrown for the retail brand Richemont for approximately 300 guests being held at the prestigious Goldsmiths Hall.

The event itself featured a DJ booth with a sound system, lighting, a dancefloor, a bar, a photo booth, croupier tables and poseur tables scattered around. We supplied all of this. It was essential to orchestrate tightly scheduled delivery times. This was to maximise load-in efficiency and reduce road blockages to keep the council and public on the side of the events world.

In order to meet the time constraints of the build, we brought in multiple additional crews to aid the load-in. There were two people loading and installing the lights; two on the DJ and photo booth; two more for the bar and dancefloor and a team of five taking care of the croupier tables. In addition to this, we brought in two extra crew members to assist with all the other crews. In total, there were thirteen people installing various equipment. Having the breakdown of crews in their specific fields made the job easier to manage. They all knew their role and as soon as they completed their tasks with a final sign-off, they could leave. This made space for the other crews to load in using the same lift.

Working with multiple crews in a venue like Goldsmiths is challenging especially when loading large goods in very small lifts. One of our top priorities in these historic buildings is not to damage the surroundings. This can be particularly tricky when crews are navigating items through tight corners and small gaps while working against the clock.

We had 4 hours to build the event, which seemed like plenty of time. However, like many events, it went down to the wire. Final touches were added to the Christmas party 30 minutes before guests arrived. After the event started, everything ran smoothly with no problems throughout. We were also very well looked after by Goldsmiths Hall the whole day who catered for our team and the crew, making life that much easier.

Once the event finished following a hard stop at 23:00, the team were called back into action to commence the derig. Our experienced team knows that derigs are ‘mission get home as quickly and efficiently as possible!’ With this in mind, we set a target to be on the road by midnight which was a tough ask. However, at 23:55, the last box was loaded onto our final van.

All in all, the event was a great success. The venue is an impressive building with lovely people and we look forward to working on more events there in the future.

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