Revolab YVC 1000

We always search out new efficient solutions to meet our Clients budget and expectations. It’s often we are tasked with a retro-fit or low budget situation that requires an “off the shelf” non-integrated approach to perform a necessary function. A Client invested into a new VC codec and screen, not considering the incoming or outgoing audio requirements for their boardroom. They then approached us as the existing supplier was a distributer only and had no actual professional services offering and were simply shifting boxes… As the Clients budget was now exhausted we knew that a traditional approach could not be adopted (DSP, VOIP card, with table microphones, surface and flush mount speakers) so we investigated a solution that would provide these functions for both VC and AC, and would be cost effective and a retro fit/non-intrusive solution.

After investigation we found the Revolab YVC 1000 to be the perfect fit. The system is supplied as standard with 1 x omni directional microphone and the base unit with onboard DSP and Yamaha speaker. Additional omni directional microphones can be simply added onto the base unit to provide full table pickup, so we added an additional 2 to the system, making it 3 microphones in total. The base unit has a Bluetooth function which pairs with any mobile phone and enable AC via the system. The solution was sold at just over 1K, and was very well received by the Client.

Our team tend to adopt the traditional approach to audio and integration, but this exercise was a lesson in pride! The “all in one” “boxed” “off the shelf “approach to an AC and VC audio solution suited the budget, the room style, and all the Clients expectations.


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