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Rectifying the Unsustainability of the AV Industry

What can we do about this?Due to its high energy consumption and waste produced by its equipment and materials used, its important to acknowledge that our exciting audio-visual (AV) business

Hybrid Events: The 100-year-old overnight sensation

Let's start with a brief overview... The broadcasting of sports events began with descriptions of the play sent by telegraph in the 1890s. The first voice broadcast of a sporting

Why Fyre Festival went up in smoke

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Why Fyre Festival went up in smoke.   By now most of us have watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix with a mix of horror and fascination. The concept

7 event trends you need to watch in 2018

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This year will be an exciting one filled with innovation alongside mental wellbeing, environmental responsibility and security. Below are our 7 trends to take note of this year when planning

A newbies look at Event Tech Live.

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Yesterday I popped into Event Tech Live and as a still fairly new edition to the Perception Team, I was hoping to make the most of it in the short