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Account Manager:Adam Southgate

Project Manager:Gareth Hawke

Venue:O2 Arena

Special Thanks:RPM

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The brief was to create 2 experiential applications for the SKY Bar in the Cineworld theatre based in the 02 arena, as well as a mobile SKY News Studio that could be transported on a flatbed truck and setup in different venues around the UK. The 2 concepts were to promote BSKYB whilst allowing the public to experience the brands for both SKY NEWS and SKY MOVIES.


SKY Cineworld: The initial requirement was to apply a graphic vinyl on the outer side of 3 separate 4.6m window. Once applied the team had to access the roof space of Nando’s which was 15m opposite the Cineworld bank of 3 windows. The structured DMX communications cables had to be run back to the Cineworld AV rack using an existing bridge within the 02 arena for a cable path. Once the cabling infrastructure was tested labelled and in place, the team then proceeded to install the specialised lighting fixtures on the roof of Nando’s and initiate the colour cycle and position the lights to illuminate the vinyl application of the Hollywood hills, giving the impression of a day to night time lapse impression. The team then installed a Sanyo WUXGA projector above the bar at high level which was fed by a standard media for displaying famous movie quotes onto the bulkhead of the Bar. The audio system speakers were positioned for directional audio within the SKY Bar location only, and the 3D sky Sports channels were broadcast to 3 x wall mounted LG 46” screens. The system was tested commissioned and handed over.

Sky Trailer: Perception worked along with the trailer manufacturers to coordinate our 1st fix cabling efforts and also to consult on necessary raised floor locations and mid to high cabling routes, and truss mount positions. Once our design team produced the necessary elevation drawings, the 1st fix crew attended site to perform all cabling. The second fix was performed once the trailer had been fully built, and all required mounting positions were in place. The SKY News desk was positioned into the trailer and then all 2nd fixed AV hardware could be installed around this feature. The LED lighting fixtures were hung at high level in front of the desk with audio speakers on either side to provide the SKY News sting. The control Extron control interface was installed and commissioned for use once all audio, lighting and camera recording control functionality was being interfaced vie the touch panel, and User training had been performed, the SKY news trailer was handed over to the Client.


Sky Cineworld:
LG 46” 3D professional monitors (3)
SKY HD boxes (3)
Proel Audio System for background music (1)
8K WUXGA Sanyo projector (1)
12” flush mount Extron control pan (1)
Extron ICPT 550 control processor (1)
Extron MAV 88 video and audio matrix (1)
Coemar moving lighting fixtures (1)
MA Lighting node (1)
POE Network switch (1)
Resident rackmount PC (2)
42U AV equipment rack (1)

Sky Trailer:
BSKYB supplied broadcast quality camera and tripod.(1)
Trilite 200 truss bar (1)
Sennheiser studio microphones (3)
8 Channel Soundcraft desk (1)
Proel active audio speakers (2)
LED LITE panel studio lighting fixtures (4)
Extron IPCP 500 control processor IPCT 505 (1)
7” Flush mount Extron control panel (1)


The feedback from the Cineworld and SKY was incredibly positive and both applications were delivered and commissioned on time. Both concept briefs were met and received well by the clients and public alike. The applications went live at the O2 Arena for the mobile studio and the Cineworld/SKY Bar “Hollywood Hills” hero window concept. The mobile studio toured around the UK providing a truly experiential application for the public whilst the permanent Hollywood hills active window ensured all movie-goers a unique and innovative theme that really enhanced the SKY Movies brand whilst bringing back a classic theme for a night out at the cinema @ CINEWORLD

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