National Stress Awareness Day

It’s been a really busy and stressful week so far, so it seems appropriate to note that today is National Stress Awareness Day. As event professionals we are always on the edge. There is always a deadline, something is always critical, and no matter how prepared you are, you have to always be thinking on your feet. If you do not have a trusted team of professionals around you, the stress of events can be brutal.

Everyone knows the feeling of being stressed but unchecked, stress can lead to physical problems and poor mental health. Today is a good day to take some time out to think about managing the stress in your day to day life. You may well think that you don’t have time to stop and take time out, but this catch up with you eventually.

We are fortunate at Perception to be in a team that not only works like a machine, but are a group of amazing people who genuinely care for one another and work in unison to produce amazing work in challenging circumstances. Working is not just about doing a job, but also about enjoying what you do. Having good people to  work with each day, goes a long way to making the days less stressful.

Make sure you take some time out for yourself today and visit the National Stress Awareness Day site for more information.