Event AV production for Capita Conferences

Perception has supplied Capita Conferences with bespoke event AV production since 2009 and the relationship between our companies has gone from strength to strength. We have crafted and successfully supplied state-of-the-art audio visual packages to suit the requirements for all varieties of their conference needs.

Capita Conferences are the UK’s number one provider of public sector conferences that provide important up-to-date policy changes to a large reception. They are supported by vital government departments including the Cabinet Office, DWP (Department of Work and pensions), and police.

The conferences disseminate topical and insightful information for the public sector, attracting an array of audiences ranging from Central, Regional and Local Government, to experts in health, housing, police and education, and the voluntary and private sectors.

We deliver bespoke event AV production services for bespoke conferencing needs
We immediately recognised that Capita Conferences required a unique and reliable service to deliver flawless AV installation and technical event production. Luckily for us, not only do we have industry-leading personnel and technology, but we also have strategic partnerships with specialist suppliers which enable us to accommodate any kind of conference event requirement that you could possibly imagine. We were ready to help Capita Conferences bring their desired conference to life.

Capita Conferences now rely upon Perception to arrange anywhere between 4 and 15 conferences per month. Throughout any month, their setups are likely to span a mixture of features due to the vastly different sizes of their broadcasts.

Just the right tools for the job
Perception offer many types of stock sets and these cover many different needs, from the basic to the enormous and everything in between.

We know how confusing it can be to make sure you get everything you need when you are setting up audio visual tech for a conference–not to mention ensuring you don’t get the stuff you don’t need and don’t end up paying for. All we need are your concepts and ideas to deliver your effective sensory experiences.

With Capita Conferences, a month might see one or both of the following Perception sets in action, based on what we think they need:

  • a P/A complete with an on-site technician (this is beneficial for daily conferences where the presence of a technician ensures a seamless presentation)
  • a large P/A system, intelligent and generic lighting, and graphics boards with different screens and sizes (LCD, LED, plasma at 40”-103”)

The Right Tools for You
No matter what you’re planning, we have the ability to make your dream event a reality.

Over the last decade we’ve illuminated Nokia smartphone launches, set up the systems for the soundtrack of Rivington Street Festival in Shoreditch and propelled props and vivid visualisations for the Atari Arcade new platform launch.