Review: Roland V40HD

As the corporate AV world is slowly shifting away from analog VGA transmission and low resolutions to high resolution digital signals, we’ve found the demand for high definition audio visual equipment at conferences and award shows is growing.
In response we have started to update our chain of audio visual event equipment, from laptop to screen. Our most recent addition has been a Roland V40 vision mixer to accommodate the medium end of the conference market.

What we like about the Roland V40 vision mixer, is that it allows us to offer a high definition video mixing solution to those with a limited budget without compromising on quality. This unit combines the operation of a traditional two bus vision mixer with the scaling and cropping normally found on video switchers.

It has four buses, each of which can accept a composite, VGA or HDMI signal, which effectively gives 12 inputs which can be all seamlessly switched providing the operator is on the ball!

This allows us to carry a full HD signal from a laptop or media server right through to our LCD displays or video projectors. The result is a smoother and visually for more impressive picture that looks great on a LCD screen or as a video projection.

The verdict?

So far theRoland V40 vision mixer has seen use all around the country on a promotional roadshow. However, it is not without its problems. When switching memories, which is usually instant, the front panel froze and the unit needed to be returned for repair.

Roland were very good about this and had a new unit out to us the next day for a show. Overall though we have to say, so far, so good!