Virtual Carol Concert

Virtual Carol Concert


Client: PLACE2BE
Project Manager: RYAN O’DONNELL
Special Thanks: RICH, GLENN & TIM

I just wanted to share with you all that we have had some amazing feedback over the weekend! Everyone has said what a fantastic event it was, how well put together and professional everything was.

HANNAH | Philanthropy and Special Events Manager


Our client asked us to consult, design, quote, produce and live-stream a Christmas virtual carol concert. The venue was St Marylebone Parish Church. We needed to add pre-recorded content, edit and incorporate it into the live agenda. This required us to design, build, host, and integrate a live event microsite. The site would need secure login and engagement features such as Q&A, polling, downloads, and sponsorship opportunities.


December is a time of incredible business and buzz at Perception HQ. December 2020 was different. 2020 was a time of frustration, worry, and growing panic for everyone in the events world. Coming out of one lockdown with another looming meant we had to get on with what we could. Luckily for us, we have an incredible portfolio of clients who were keeping us busy. Out of the deep dark uncertainty, there emerged a ray of light by way of a Charity Christmas Carol Concert for our long-term partner Place2Be.

Place2Be reached out to us in July 2020. They wanted to know how they would deliver their message in spite of Covid restrictions. At the time we were offering consultation to all our clients. We consulted on developing and designing. We offered financial insights into the new virtual way of working. Like us, our clients were also concerned about the future of events. Some went back into hibernation, some postponed their events, and some seized the moment!

Then there was Place2Be. They could have postponed their content and plans with ease. We weren’t able to offer full partnerships to charities as we have usually done. It would have been understandable if they postponed due to the financial commitment. There was also the uncertainty of virtual ticket sales to consider.


Place2Be forged on and took on the challenge of delivering amazing content to their audience. They commissioned us to produce their live event and content. We also built a secure, brandable microsite where they would stream their concert. It took four months of planning. There were a plethora of celebrities on board such as Damian Lewis, Keira Knightley, and Sophie Dahl. The beautiful church provided an amazing backdrop. A hungry demand for tickets justified the team’s brave decision to surge forward with the live stream.

We are grateful for every single client that hired our studio throughout lockdown. We appreciate every live stream we produced and every virtual event we managed. Watching the team produce and stream a little bit of feel-good during these dark times was exactly what we needed to replenish the belief that the events industry will be OK.


The virtual carol concert was a successful event with some brilliant feedback. There was an issue that arose at the beginning of the event which caused a backup of requests. This overloaded the system causing a lapse. The key was having the system engineer on-site to allocate more resources. This allowed the system to catch up and the audience engaged from the start.

“I just wanted to share with you all that we have had some amazing feedback over the weekend! Everyone has said what a fantastic event it was, how well put together and professional everything was.

Thank you all for your patience and support! Special shout out to Rich for all your hard work on editing and bringing together our vision so well, Glenn for show calling while I was very little help, and Tim for getting together the recording so quickly so people could watch again over the weekend.”

Virtual Carol Concert


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