Meet Rhys

Rhys, a talented professional hailing from the vibrant landscapes of sunny South Africa, recently joined our team, injecting a fresh burst of energy and expertise. With his appointment as Account Director, Rhys has seamlessly embraced the responsibility of spearheading significant projects for Perception, deftly leveraging his extensive experience to achieve remarkable results.

Beyond his professional prowess, Rhys radiates a contagious enthusiasm that invigorates the entire team. His optimistic outlook and collaborative nature inspire his colleagues to think creatively and strive for excellence in every endeavour.

As Rhys continues to make significant strides in his role as Account Director, we are confident that his unwavering dedication, passion, and innovative mindset will continue to drive our team towards greater success. With his remarkable blend of experience, talent, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Rhys is an instrumental force in shaping Perception’s trajectory and reinforcing our reputation as industry leaders.

Contact me
T: +44(0)7734237767

E: [email protected]