Meet Jack

Jack’s journey into the AV industry commenced right after he left school at 16. He delved into freelancing, taking on diverse roles in sound and lighting. Simultaneously, he pursued a Performing Arts Diploma and accomplished a Commercial Songwriting Degree. With a rich background in contributing to festivals, conferences, weddings, and more, Jack boasts a comprehensive understanding of various facets of the industry.

Beyond his involvement in AV, Jack maintains an active presence throughout the U.K. as a solo singer/guitarist, a vocalist in a metal band, and a DJ. Additionally, he organizes an annual charity music festival, dedicated to nurturing emerging young artists.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Jack is an avid enthusiast of football and darts. When he’s not engrossed in work or crafting music, you can frequently spot him at the A.F.C. Wimbledon grounds or displaying his dart-throwing skills, occasionally hitting the coveted 180 mark!

Contact me
T: +44 (0) 7802 810382

E: [email protected]