Meet Enrique

“… The future of our society is in the hands of our young generations …”

Enrique has been actively freelancing in the music, media, TV, and film industries since 2015. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphics Technology at Kingston University, he pursued a master’s degree in TV & Film production at Bournemouth University.

Throughout his career, Enrique has harboured a strong interest in the event industry. In 2023, he made the decision to join Perception, an organisation that would enable him to enhance his professional expertise in this field.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Enrique established the first media channel for the Hispanic Community in the UK. This channel aimed to showcase the hidden talents and entrepreneurs within the community. He firmly believes that the future of our society rests in the hands of the younger generations and is dedicated to guiding, assisting, and educating them to pursue their dreams.

Contact me
T: +44(0)7708393731

E: [email protected]