Meet David


David joins Perception as our Operations Manager ensuring the smooth running of events logistics. His crewing background means he is well equipped to meet any challenges, navigating seamlessly between the warehouse, account managers and clients.

In his own words, “Being an Ops Manager is a really rewarding and fulfilling job as I get to make sure that all the jobs are prepped accordingly and that we have all the necessary kit that is needed to fulfil the client’s needs.

It also means that I must think and react quickly, and it can sometimes feel like you’re playing Jenga, keeping the tower standing while moving other blocks. Every day brings with it new challenges and I am happy and proud to be part of a company that rolls up its sleeves and works as a team to achieve our goals without compromising on our core values.”

When he’s not working, David is a family man at heart; married with three amazing children. He also coaches his son’s rugby team and enjoys playing rugby himself, cycling and cooking.

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