AV on the Road: Touring your business with technical finesse

Creative promotional events are an essential component of brand strategies that aim to get products or services ‘out there’. Getting them takes time and effort, but even the most perfectly organised roadshow can fail to attract consumers if it isn’t sufficiently attention-grabbing. With technical event titans like us, we’ll lighten your load and turn your concept into an experiential experience that you can take on tour with you around the country.


Take an immersive world on tour

The nature of our work, which can be summarised in the not-particularly-exciting combination of words “technical event production”, encompasses the elements that define the most epic of events. These aren’t limited to one-off shows either -integrating technical features such as projection mapping, pyrotechnics, and stage design into your roadshow is just another one of our specialties.

By taking your raw ideas and turning them into real-world innovations that promote your business and services, you will cease to be perceived as just a simple “stand”. In the highly competitive terrain of marketing and advertising, investing in ways to captivate audiences can give your business a much-needed boost.

Our tailored take on client concepts has led to us working on promotional events with the likes of Banana Republic. On their recent Roland Mouret collaboration, we sought to reflect the refined clothing of the huge retailer. Working together, we were able to create a stylish set-up that resulted in a stunning video wall.


Mastering it all

We know how complex roadshows can be; planning numerous events at various locations can be a frustrating operation. But when it comes to engaging or dazzling crowds, technical event production experts can bring a plethora of options to suit each and every occasion.

At Perception Live, we can provide an all-encompassing bespoke service to make your forthcoming promotional tour as seamless as possible. We can take control of the logistics: set-design, graphics, and the management of crew and staff.

If sound is going to be significant, we can help you choose the right sound system for making an impression on a nationwide tour. We can also assign specialist engineers to attend your roadshow and manage dynamic live AV effects, thus ensuring that your sound and visuals don’t disappoint.

Call today to discuss your road-show requirements, we will be more than happy to assist.