Events Services

Project Management

We offer dedicated account management, project consultation, health and safety (RA, MS, PLI), cost management, venue infrastructure assessment, logistics and grade-listed venue compliance.


Make sure your audio production not only sounds and looks great but that it also strikes the right tone. We offer PA systems, microphones (radio, top table, channel 38 and push-to-talk).

Video and Visual

If your event requires a visual punch, get your projectors, screens, video recording equipment, switching, vision mixing and matrix’s as well as data & live streaming, webcasting and comfort monitor all under one roof.


If you are looking to make a visual statement, we stock wash lighting, spot lights, gobo’s, beams, and up-lighting. Coupled with lighting design and expert technicians, we have everything you need to expertly craft the mood of your event.


We provide a wide range of rigging for live events. If you are looking for truss, rigging installations, rigging points, we are there to help. With trusted professionals who are adept at working at height, we make sure that your event has the rigging requirements that you need.


Your event does not need to be restricted by venue type.We supply generator and power distribution for festivals, outdoor events and large scale events. We also cater for bespoke power requirement within a range of venue types.

Set and Staging

We have a range of set backdrops and dance floors and are happy to create bespoke staging for all types of events. We can also assist with your props and furniture requirements for your event as well as build sets for specialist creative projects.

Design and Creative

We offer a range of creative support services ranging from print work, to presentation assistance, event conceptualisation, innovation, photography, videography, content consultation and styling and venue specific packaged requirements.

Special Projects

Bring your more creative concepts to life with us. We are on hand to guide you through the technical aspects of your creative idea. We also have a treasure trove of items in our warehouse, but if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll know someone who does.

Get a free 15 minute consultation.

Are you looking for technical perfection for your upcoming event? Our team are available to talk you through the requirements you have for your event and can tailor a quote for you that not only meets all your needs, but works with your budget. Contact us today and take the first step to giving your event the Perception touch.