We are technical event production specialists.


At Perception, we combine cutting edge equipment, technical know-how, design and construction expertise to turn any event into the perfect sensory experience. We have a long and proud history of partnering with experiential marketing teams, big brands and major venues to cover the technical production side of all kinds of launches and promotions.

From installing the AV behind the extravagant product launches of the technology industry to the rigging of the functionally discrete countryside wedding, we’ve done it all.

When we’re not installing or designing, we’re supplying audio visual equipment, PA systems and more for conferences, AGMs and gala dinners. We’ve also provided all the equipment needed for videography, sound, video walls and technical support for high-end award ceremonies.


Bring your event to life with Perception Live

No project is too large or small to enjoy the transformative applications of technical event production.

At Perception Live we do anything and everything to bring our clients’ concepts to life. We build bespoke sets, design customised props and install projection mapping and video wall technology.

You could just hire the equipment and personnel separately, but getting a technical event production specialist team on board ensures a professional finish that can’t be rivalled. With Perception Live on board, you’ll have the best equipment in the field set up by experienced engineers with an intrinsic knowledge of pulling off seamless and unforgettable events.


Our Audio Services and Equipment Include:

  • Conference Audio Solutions
  • Line Array
  • Concert Audio
  • Audio Recording
  • Sound design


Our Lighting Design Expertise:

  • Intelligent & Generic Lighting Solutions
  • Lighting Design


Projection & Projection mapping:

  • Projection Mapping Projection Blending
  • Content Management and Design


Screens & video walls:

  • Plasma/ LCD/ LED
  • Lenticular/ 3D/ 4K
  • Screen sizes 40” – 103”

Stage design and build:

  • Revo & Litedeck stage pieces

Set design:

  • Bespoke designs & build
  • Stock sets pieces & build
  • Power generations & distribution
  • Draping to order and as needed
  • Bespoke services
  • Tailored services
  • Special request management

Truss systems:

  • Print – Large & Small Format
  • Event Filming & photography