Atari Online: Internet Explorer brings Classic Games to the Web with HTML5 and Multi-touch

It was summer of 1972 when Atari released its first arcade game – Pong. It was revolutionary entertainment, launching Atari to quickly become the definitive gaming platform of its era, selling 30 million Atari 2600 consoles. Most modern, successful video game franchises are still inspired by Atari’s original creative concepts.

Jumping to today, Atari Arcade is launched, continuing to showcase what’s possible on the web when you couple a modern browser like IE10 with a modern OS and the power of HTML5. Atari Arcade is an updated take on eight classic Atari games like Pong, Asteroids,Missile Command, and Centipede – all built with HTML5 and multi-player capabilities that come to life with a new Windows 8 touch device and Internet Explorer 10. It also works great in IE9 on a Windows 7 PC, or any other modern browser.

“Forty years ago gaming required a dedicated console, but today the web is an incredibly rich platform that has the power to drive games and bring entirely new methods of interaction with games, like touch, that were not possible in a browser just a few short years ago,” explained Nolan Bushnell, Founder, Atari. “What is exciting about gaming on the web is the reach it offers. It is not a potential audience of thousands, or millions, but billions of people that can access and enjoy gaming online!”

Perception were instrumental in the creative design and pre-launch conceptualising.
The event was held in Shoreditch over a 3 day period.
Room layout and design were a key part of the brief but most importantly we needed to ensure our tablets and touchscreen LCD’s were working seamlessly with the new platform.
Our team of 9 did an outstanding job installing all the beautiful decor and furniture and creating a fully interactive audio visual tour for the visitors of the various sections of the event.

Fundamentally we were tasked with ensuring that the 4 games being showcased on the night were in their own distinctly different area.
This was achieved and met with very high praise from the client and all the public and press that were invited.

There was quite an extensive kit list, 48 of the latest LED battery powered cubes & spheres, two 60” Microsoft touchscreen tables, two 50” touchscreen LCD monitors, multiple standard LCD screens, 20 touch screen tablets, an arcade machine, five 5k soundsystems, 24 moving heads, 48 LED batons, 24 LED parcans, large soft seating area, multiple mirror balls, 3w laser and a large bespoke branded lightbox.

The above tech coupled with our graphics team who installed vinyl throughout the venue on the walls, windows and plinths to the draping and scenery partitions installed, came together and resulted in a very beautiful, retro, 21st century gaming arcade.

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