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Review: Roland V40HD

As the corporate AV world is slowly shifting away from analog VGA transmission and low resolutions to high resolution digital signals, we’ve found the demand for high definition audio visual

Perception get down to the wire with Sportspro Live’s Sporting Conference

At Perception Live, we delight in working with a diverse range of clients. Throughout our years of operating we’ve configured technical events with industry leaders from all sectors. Our innovative

AV on the Road: Touring your business with technical finesse

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Creative promotional events are an essential component of brand strategies that aim to get products or services ‘out there’. Getting them takes time and effort, but even the most perfectly

Sight and Sound after the movie

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Working in technical event production has taken us on a magical mystery tour throughout the London area. We’ve been instrumental in the process of captivating crowds through enlivening environment and

Unforgettable experiences: Integrating audio visual technology with experiential marketing

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Experiential marketing has become an increasingly popular method for engaging with audiences in recent years. At the heart of its ambition, the marketing scheme strives to provide a memorable event

Top Banana: Perception puts on a show for Roland Mouret’s Banana Republic Collaboration

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When it comes to engaging an audience the Perception team has many tricks in their collective hats: from projection mapping to video walls. Earlier this year, the luxury clothing retailer

Video Conferences: The big (or small) picture

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You could be forgiven for thinking that a video conference is an unglamorous ordeal that you occasionally witnessed during films and TV from the 1980s. Alternatively, you may find the

Perception continues to provide top-notch event production for Capita Conferences

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For the past six years, the relationship between Perception and Capita Conferences has gone from strength to strength as we have crafted and successfully supplied bespoke audio visual packages to