Audio Production for Sound Events

When it comes to configuring sound for an event, there’s a lot more to take into account than just setting up a microphone and speakers. It’s about sound proofing too. Neglecting the importance of how audio will travel in your envisioned environment could be a recipe for disaster, no matter how impressive the stage design is.
Every event where sound will play an important role demands audio production that’s based on the acoustic complexities of the venue.
The importance of ensuring that microphones are heard is equal to getting the ambient level of sound just right when nobody is speaking at all.
Imagine a music festival with numerous tents that are all producing sound. Each tent should be able to reach the person at the back, but without competing with the others.


Sound that looks and feels good too

And whilst the actual sound at an event is important, we know that clients also have particular requirements for what the event AV should look like. No one appreciates avoiding a bird’s nest of cables on the wedding dance floor, even if the sound is amazing, and nothing is quite as unsightly or inappropriate as big imposing black speakers at a tasteful gala dinner.
Because we know a thing or two about putting on events as a whole, we ensure that our audio production not only sounds and looks great but that it also strikes the right tone.


A bit more about our audio production equipment:

PA Systems for Conferences, Concerts, Festivals
We stock some of the best touring sound systems in the world that can be set up in either line array or point source configurations to achieve optimal event sound.

With a range that includes Nexo, Turbosound and d&b audiotechnik, we can cater for a boardroom of five people or a concert reaching 10,000.


Radio, wired or lectern microphones:

Sennheiser is our brand of choice when it comes to wireless radio systems. We hold an immense amount of stock of the EW300 range.


Digital & Analogue mixing desks:

It’s all in the mix. Our preferred weapons of choice are Allen & Heath, Soundcraft and Yamaha. Our chosen console for an event depends on the gig, for conferences we elect for the analogue Allen & Heath, Yamaha and Soundcraft ranges for beautiful warm vocal presence and for bands we generally tend to opt for our Soundcraft or Yamaha digital ranges including the SI compact, VI series and Yamaha’s old faithful LS9.


We also stock speakers, amplifiers and monitors in a vast array of sizes and capacities to cater to the sound needs of any sized event.

And for event AV that needs to be portable or used outdoor we have a range of options and combinations and years of experience setting up AV in outdoor spaces from weddings to festivals.

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