Creative event production that integrates audio visual technology into experiential marketing events and campaigns

Having great sound and visual production at your event often isn’t enough if you don’t have the creative vision to put it all together. That’s where our creative event production team comes in.

We have years of experience working in event design and are continually taking requests from experiential marketing agencies and big brands alike to use audio visual technologies to enhance specific brand awareness campaigns.

At Perception Live we’ve dealt with the weird and wonderful, from the use of social media marketing technologies to high-tech campaigns like video walls, audio systems and lighting design. Every campaign is an experience and a display of our event design team’s wide range of event design skills.

We’ve worked on exciting guerrilla campaigns, built and launched bespoke bars, put together sets for television and staged interactive, themed experiences. Nothing is too outrageous or too plain and there is no request we won’t listen to.


A perfect mix of tech and creativity 

It’s our ability to effectively merge event production technologies with creative insight and technical skill to meet the client’s brief that really sets us apart from the rest.

The process usually includes some element of set design and lighting production which are amongst our most common requests from these brands.

Here’s an example of a typical brief:

‘A leading drinks brand are releasing their new winter flavour drink in December and wish to increase awareness of this by staging three separate events across the country, using a pop-up stand with various technologies to create life around the event. The overall objective of this is to create product/brand awareness to increase sales of the product.”

Working from a brief like this one (and with very little further guidance from the client) we can provide audio visual technologies, set design and build, on-site support and project management with full AV maintenance throughout the campaign.

Using past brand awareness events as an example, we can consult on the correct equipment and our in-house design team can put together a 3D render based on the set to provide a graphical representation of exactly what we propose before we start creating it.

Combining the skills of our technical team and our creative gurus we can design and put together the most creative of events to achieve an outstanding display of lights, audio and projection.

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