Andy Day Dinosaur Live Show and Zoorasic Park

Travel back in time at London Zoo this summer…   

Cbeebies presenter, official Dino guy Andy Day paid a visit to London Zoo, hosting exciting live shows which launched the Zoorassic Park exhibition that runs over the summer holidays. While London in summer is a unique and amazing time, we are still beholden to the odd bout of bad weather which in this case meant a last minute change from an outside gig to an indoor one.


Perception were the team who would bring the dinosaurs to life, amplifying the roar of the creatures and creating a fitting and dramatic backdrop for the show. The show itself was well received and a roaring success, with both Andy himself and the crew giving a big thanks to Perception on the smooth running of the shows, throughout which it was clear that the audience were having a brilliant time.

Andy is holding live shows across the country, throughout the summer , and if like us you are fascinated by dinosaurs, and would like to check out Zoorassic Park at London Zoo with your family during August, you can get your tickets for the exhibition here.

We highly recommend you getting down there and experience the giants of the Jurassic era brought to life in London.